Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra Identity
Hypothetical identity for the Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra, inspired by the movements of musicians and conductors.

Identity Design
Fonts in Use: GT Ultra Median and ABC Camera

The wordmark, typeset in GT Ultra Median (referencing the marble engravings on the façade of the Eastman Theatre), positions the identity in two states: Relaxed and Active. The dynamic angles of the mark’s “Active State” mimic the movement of a baton by a conductor.

(2 Images) Both Relaxed and Active states of the logomark can be applied to any needed application within the identity, allowing the design to range from a more serious tone to a playful one.

Example promotional materials for the orchestra’s annual Philharmonics Series.

The system is also able to adapt into sub-brands, such as this example of a summer concert series that adds bright, more summery colors and playful sticker elements on top of the existing typographic brand system.